Perry Sandhills Back
Used as a backdrop in many films and TV shows

According to geologists, the Perry Sandhills originated after an ice age (40,000 years ago) and are formed by wind erosion over thousands of years. The dunes are located just outside of Wentworth (6km from PO), and are a unique land formation of 333 hectares (822 acres) of continuously shifting sand dunes.

Skeleton remains of giant mega-fauna (kangaroos, lions, emus and wombats) have been found there. Replicas of these animals are now on show at the Pioneer Museum in Wentworth. Aboriginal tribes used this area to camp and hunt. Evidence of this is still being uncovered as the sands drift.

Park at the carpark and shelter shed at the northern entrance to the Sandhills and climb over the dunes to view the magnificent River Red Gum which has been consumed by the sand.  Over time, the sand has completely covered the trunk and you can walk within the canopy of the ancient tree.

The sandhills were used as a bombing range during WWII. Now, the area is utilised as backdrop for many films, T.V. shows and advertisements. 

Be sure to investigate the awesome red sandhills as they are a perfect location for a family picnic or outing -an adventure park offering a great deal of fun for young and old alike.

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